01. research insights

1.1 google analytics
Analyzing the points at which users were leaving the website or application prematurely.
  • Sign-up conversion rate goal is to reach 8% which is approx. 48.15% increase from the starting point
    1.2 heatmap
    Understanding design opportunity areas by studying the heatmap.
    • Found two main areas to improve on, both located at the bottom of the hero section
    • Both design elements suggested users to scroll past the sign-up CTA
    1.3 solidifying project goal
    Design a homepage that allows users to retrieve product information at a glance more efficiently and effectively.

    03. results

    3.1 a/b testing
    Setting up the test with the variant being the presence of quick-links" on the homepage.
    3.2 google analytics results
    Quantitative data: goal was to reach 8% for the sign-up conversion rate on the homepage.
    • Recall that the starting sign-up conversion rate was 5.4%. Overall, test A (one with the variant “list of capabilities”) performed better than test B
    • The lower exit and bounce rates in test A indicate better user engagement and user retention
    3.3 heatmap results
    Qualitative data: user activity shown over the course of 2 weeks.

    04. final design


    Design Systems
    I gained my love for design systems through my work this summer. I learned the importance of perfecting each component and being able to create designs that are accessible + applicable to all device screens.

    Data Analysis
    My mentor introduced me to Google Analytics, heatmaps, interaction recordings, traffic analysis, etc. This helped me further develop my skills in UX research, and a way to create concrete A/B tests.

    My Voice as a Designer
    I learned that even as an intern, I have the ability to make feature proposals. It was very insightful to understand the end-to-end process of taking out/adding in new components to the product.

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